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What Drives You?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I believe there is one question every. single. person. needs to ask themselves.

What drives me?

I'm talking about our motivators. The reason you swing your tired legs out from under your warm covers, allowing your feet to meet the cold floor every morning. I like to believe that we all have reasons, more than just societal obligations, coercing us into being productive citizens. What are yours?

For me, my passion for people guides my everyday decisions. My love of nature and self- reflective Sunday nights help me create my weekly agenda. My creative mind, paired with my ability to see all angles of any situation/story, ushered me into the field I am now in. As far as my daily motivation? Doing better. Growth. I wake up every day in hopes of being even better that day, than the last. Growth, mentally, emotionally, physically, professionally, is so important to me. Without this motivation, life would be less "WOO!" and more "UGH."

Now, this doesn't mean being better in all the *conventional ways.* This includes becoming better at loving myself and loving others. And, becoming better at forgiving myself when I am not my best self. Growth often equates to more. More success. More money. More followers. More engagement. More weight loss. More, more, more. But- it can mean less. Less expectations for yourself. Less negative self-talk. Less doing.

If upon asking yourself, "What drives me?", you feel stumped, do some soul searching. If upon asking yourself, "What drives me?", you know right away, still, do some soul searching. Reevaluate your why. Pay attention to what brings you joy throughout the day. Figure out what makes you feel accomplished- what makes you think wow, I really love life. Then work backwards. Why does it make you feel accomplished? What part of you did it fuel? What goal did it accomplish?

When you figure out what drives you, you begin to understand yourself in an entirely different way. A more holistic way. Setting intentions becomes increasingly easier, prioritizing is much simpler, where and when you should use your resources is clearer... All around, you are more you when you know why you do life day after day.

You're not done after identifying your why(s), though. This is a journey. You must actively engage in identifying and evaluating your motivation. This journey requires you to consistently check in with yourself. Hint hint: what drives you can and should change as you change. Be aware. Be present. Know thyself...(and thy motivation).



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